Kathmandu Valley Tours

As a land of lofty Himalays, the Kathmandu valley, the capital has an exotic setting. It is surrounding by a tier of green mountain wall above, which tower mighty snow-caped peaks. It consists of three main towns of great historic, artistic and cultural interest, Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur which share amongst them selves seven world heritage sites. The valley is one vast open air museum of Newar culture with its colossal ensemble of sculptures, temples, monuments and magnificent on display. It is situated 1348m above the sea level. In religious scriptures, it is said that Lord Shiva, supreme among Hindu gods had come down to Kathmandu to escape boredom. Visitors have come to Nepal since times forgotten. And though the country is different today than it was in ancient times, it hasn\'t diminished in charms, the increase in the number of visitors over the years is a living proof. The seven World Heritage sites in the Kathmandu valley designated by UNESCO are the highlights of the valley. Major places of interest in Kathmandu are the Durbar Square ( a would Heritage site), an ensemble of palaces, courtyards and temples built between the 12th and 18th centuries by the Malla Kings such as the house of Living Goddess(Kumari Ghar), Swayambhu Stupa ( a heritage site), one of the holiest Buddhist sites, that keeps watch over the valley from atop a hillock, Bouddhanath Stupa ( a heritage site), the largest stupa in the valley that rises 36m, Pashupatinath Temple ( a heritage site), one of the holiest Hindu Shrines in the world and Changu Narayan Temple ( a heritage site), dedicated to Lord Bishnu and one of the finest and oldest specimens of pagoda architecture
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