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Madan Archya
Nepal is uniquely endowed with rich and diverse natural and cultural attraction due to its geographical location in the Himalayas. As a land of lofty Himalayas and deep valleys, stumbling rivers and lakes, dark caves and colorful merry festivals, Nepal is a country of extremes. Nowhere else on earth is there such a rich environmental spectrum from the highest mountain to the Terai plains. Strategically located between two fasted growing countries of China and India, visitors have been mesmerized by the magic of Nepal's changeable natural scenery and cultural mosaic of its people and history. Moreover, it is situated in the cradle of the highest mountain on earth. Towering among the rolling with glistening mountains over the azure sky, it is not surprising that Nepal has come to be known as the country of explorer's paradise where deities mingle with mortals. Even Lord Shiva during ancient past settled back in Nepal due to its fascination motivating Hindu pilgrims. Similarly, birth of Lord Buddha has drawn attention of global Buddhist community.

Furthermore, we are glad to introduce ourselves as a tour, trekking and expedition operator in Nepal, Tibet, Kailash, Bhutan and India. We have been providing excellent service in a very competitive price. This company has been operating its own fleet of vehicles from Kathmandu to Pokhara and vice-versa to maintain its high standard with its dedicated and expertise staffs in their respective fields. We have been providing wild life safaris and soft adventure tour, breathtaking mountain flights, river rafting, bungee jumping, paragliding along with package tour to various parts of Nepal, India, Bhutan, Tibet and many more. You will be amazed by the people of more 60 ethnic groups united together even though they have different norms and cultural values. Especially they are famous for their hospitality with unforgettable greetings of 'Nameste.' Please do give us a chance to serve you then you will certainly feel 'Once isn't enough.' 

I wish you a very good and memorable stay during your tour with us.

With regards, 
Mr.Madan Kumar Acharya

Managing Director
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