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Introduction of Nepal

Nepal is a unique country of natural splendor crowned with the world's highest mountain. It is amazingly diverse landscape from majestic mountains to great rivers to rich farmlands of plains. The high mountains, terraced farmlands meticulously carved like stairways out hill ridges, cascading mountains rivulets and rushing rivers, forest full of wildlife, flowers, birds and colorful cultural heritages are the enchantment of the country. Mention Nepal, and most people will conjure up images of the Himalayas. Indeed, eight of the worlds 10 tallest peaks are located here. The country is, however, distinguished not only for its high mountains, but also for its unique cultural heritage, artistic monuments and exotic wildlife, which are reflected in the country\'s languages, architecture and biodiversity. The country has been visited by a great many scholars, pilgrims along with mystics over the centuries who not only come for their individual elucidation but blessed the land and its people with an invaluable spiritual and cultural legacy that has shaped ever facet of Nepalese people. As a country of natural and cultural wonderland, there are mighty, majestic and lofty Himalayas along with cultural sites, the sacred Muktinath temple adjacent to Nilgiri Himal etc are some of the beauties that can be covered in the entire trip. We hope that who make the journey to Nepal enjoy their experience and return home with glowing memories.

Ghandrung Village and Annapurna South, Nepal, Himalaya loyal


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